Top performance in commercial roofing service, maintenance & technology

Roofing Service and Maintenance

For almost 30 years, Norwin has been providing safe, reliable and responsive commercial roofing services. We look forward to continuing to serve the needs of our many clients throughout Manitoba and welcome the opportunity to quote on projects for new customers. We operate six teams of professional roofing technicians. Two teams are dedicated to roof maintenance.

We are leaders in the commercial roofing industry providing the following services:

    • Roof maintenance programs and repairs
    • Roof consultations and technical support
    • Re-roofing and new commercial roof projects
    • Roof leak services and repairs
    • Conventional 4 ply asphalt, felt and gravel built-up roof systems
    • Torch on modified bitumen roofing systems (Soprema systems/ IKO systems)
    • Single ply membrane systems
    • Custom metal flashings

We are committed to doing what we can to maximize and protect our natural resources. Our systems ensure minimal waste and we recycle materials such as metal flashings, lumber, containers and roofing gravel.

Our Maintenance Inspection Service

Regular, annual maintenance can extend the performance life of any roof, saving you unexpected and costly repairs down the road. Of course, a roof can’t last forever and will require repairs or replacement at some point. Our Maintenance Inspection Service will alert you to concerns so that you can factor in these costs over the lifetime of your roof and hopefully avoid large, unexpected repair or replacement costs. With our harsh climates, moisture is the key reason that some commercial roofing systems fail and require extensive repair or replacement.

Contact us to find out more about our regular inspection and maintenance packages.


The latest technology, balanced with the unique skills earned through years of service, helps Norwin stay on top of the competition.Norwin uses technology to offer significant advantages for our commercial roofing customers. Our progressive computer technology provides faster and more efficient estimating, planning, quoting and overall project managment. The benefits you’ll see include better management of the supplies used on your job thereby reducing waste and more accurate prediction and management of labour costs.

Annual Roof Inspection

A new roof installed by us should last approximately 20 to 25 years but regular, annual maintenance can extend that by five years or more. Unattended roofing systems can fail earlier in our extreme weather, sometimes in just ten years. It’s worth it to consider an annual roof inspection as part of your regular building maintenance.